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Seymour Addiction Treatment Centers is an advisory service that can help those who struggle with addiction and/or their loved ones find an addiction treatment center in Seymour or an area of your choice. We are a highly qualified addiction rehab advisors who have access to a nationwide network of drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Seymour and beyond.

While Seymour Addiction Treatment Centers is not a rehabilitation facility itself, we serve as advisors for addiction treatment centers so a person can find the center that best fits their recovery needs.

Often a person knows they need help for quitting abusing drugs and alcohol, but they aren't sure where to start or what services might benefit them most. After asking some key questions that can help our advisors determine what types of addiction treatment will best suit you or a loved one, they can recommend a location that can identify a facility where a person can experience healing and take the time to discover what they need to do to stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol.                                                    

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Seymour

Addiction in Tennessee

Drug abuse and prescription drug abuse, in particular, has been a significant problem in Tennessee. An estimated 1,451 people in Tennessee died in 2015 from drug overdoses although the number is likely much larger, according to "The Tennesseean." Opioids are a particular concern in Seymour and beyond. This includes drugs like heroin, fentanyl, hydrocodone, and/or oxycodone. What's more is that an estimated 70 percent of those who use prescription drugs for non-medical purposes in Tennessee get their drugs from a friend or family member, not a drug dealer, according to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

While prescription drugs aren't the only drugs of abuse in Seymour, they are some of the most common and also the most difficult to quit without professional medical help. Also, when a person is receiving them from loved ones in their home or nearby, they have difficulty breaking the addiction cycle without going to a facility that can help them focus on the task of getting sober. The advisors at Seymour Addiction Treatment Centers can help you or a loved one find the right place to start the healing process and overcome their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.  

How Addiction Treatment Helps

When a person suffers from addiction, their brain and body become re-wired to focus almost solely on the drug, obtaining the drug, and using again. Even if part of a person wants to stop, they often experience strong cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms that pull them back to the substance in question and lead to relapse. In this way, addiction becomes a vicious cycle that a person may feel they can never overcome. Professional medical help has and will help a loved one overcome the terrible condition that is an addiction.

Sometimes they key link to breaking that cycle is attending alcohol or drug rehab in Seymour or surrounding area. At an addiction treatment facility, a person can receive medical assistance, if desired to reduce drug withdrawal symptoms. Once a person has broken their physical addiction to a substance, a drug treatment program's specialists can help a person identify the mental ways to resist returning to drug and/or alcohol abuse and break the hold these substances have on their lives. This process takes time and support from the right treatment facility to accomplish.

Seymour Addiction Treatment Centers is proud to be the first step to helping a person find the help they need. Our services are completely free, and you never have to feel obligated to pay anything for making the call, whether it is on behalf of yourself or a loved one struggling with addiction. Our advisors will ask questions such as:

• What type of substance(s) do you use?

• How long have you abused these substances before?

• Have you sought rehabilitation in the past? What aspects of the program did you respond to?

• Would you require special services/accommodations, such as those for pregnancy or that are flexible to your work schedule?

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Many people are surprised to find out the benefits of centers for addiction treatment in Seymour or the local region. By calling an addiction referral service such as ours, you take the guesswork out of having to find programs that have the services you need.

A call to Seymour Addiction Treatment Centers can truly be lifesaving. For you or a loved one, it could mean the start of a new, sober lifestyle. Call (615) 697-6349 to learn more.

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AA Acceptance Group Thu, 8:00 AM St. Luke's Episcopal Church Parish House 219 Chunn's Cove Road, Asheville, NC 28805
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